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I can immediately quote you the cost to repair, retouch or recolour your image. There is no obligation to go ahead and I am happy to discuss pricing to fit your budget.

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Revive Your Old and Damaged Photos

With many years of experience in photo retouching, photo recolouring and photo repair, you can trust me to look after your treasured photos.

From badly water-damaged photos to faded black-and-white photos, I can quickly bring your images back to life.

You can either email your image to me for a quick quote or upload it via my contact form.

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Send me more than 10 images to work on and we will give you a 10% discount on the total price.

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Some Common Questions Asked

What types of photos do you repair

I repair images of all types of original photos. This includes slides (used in slide projectors) Negative films (the ones you used to get with your processed photos) Photos or prints from an album.

What Sort of Photo Repair do you Do

I do all types of photo repair using an image of the original photo. The actual photo is not edited in anyway. This is a far safer way to work on the image of the photo without causing any damage.

How Long Does Photo Repair Take

Basic photo repair can take around an hour. Advanced around 2-3 hours. Extensive can take 10-15 hours. Special effects around 2-3 hours. These timings are dependent on the quality of the image. As an estimate you should have a completed photo to view  within 2 to 3 days and then 2 to 3 days after that by post by post.

What is the difference between Photo Restoration and Photo Retouching

Photo Restoration is when damage is repaired on the original photo like an artist on a painting. Photo Retouching is a repair and modification done on an image of the picture/photo.