About Me

Don’t let these memories fade. Get your photos restored now.

I am passionate about fixing and retouching photographs and have developed my skills over the last 10 years. I have lived in Milton Keynes for the past 20 years with my wife.

I was given the idea after seeing some family photos that were scratched and hardly visible because the photos were literally destroying themselves, because of all the photographic chemicals attacking the paper. Some of these were over 80 years old.

I then decided to investigate how I could fix these and realised I was unable to save the actual photo but, was able to make a completely new photo using the image and then repairing the image. Most of these early photos have been used to show you, my work.

I also felt adding a bit of colour to a black-and-white photo seems to bring the photos alive. At the time most of these photos were taken there wasn’t the ability to have a proper coloured photo. Only
by hand painting them or giving them a tint made them seem real at the time.

I have been restoring and colourising for many years now. I want to use my skills to help restore any
photos you have before they disappear. After It gives me great pleasure to see the look on someone’s face when they see their loved ones again, the way they remember them not in black
and white.

Repairing photos is an art and not something that can be done automatically on a machine. It takes
time to restore a photo and I won’t sacrifice the quality of your restoration by cutting any corners.

Don’t let these memories fade. Get your photos restored now.

Steve Kay